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Who are we looking for?

Our developers are the backbone of our company, because what is a Tech company without its Tech-nerds…🤔

We are looking for an analytical mind with a passion for Tech, who will help to take care of the crucial development side of our company.

This includes development-related tasks within AMOTEK technologies. But also technical support for customers, joint-ventures & stakeholders.

We are looking for someone who gets as excited as us about the future blockchain possibilities and dares to think outside the box with us on our new projects. 

In our view, a blockchain developer is someone who pays attention to details, is up to date with the latest Tech, and is extremely eager to learn. The blockchain and tech world evolves at lightning speed, so a developer has to keep up with the times.

Development is a process of trial and error, the value of thoughtful test phases and thorough analysis is obvious to our developers.

You don’t have all the skills yet? No problem! We are team players and like to help each other out!

What do we offer?

We take good care of our Amotekkies. We want to provide an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity, we provide them all the tools to make it happen.

  • We provide all our diligent colleagues with:
  • An attractive salary 
  • A smartphone 
  • A laptop if you don’t have one 
  • The possibility to work hybrid 
  • A company car depending on your experience 
  • Numerous varied projects to learn new skills or to deepen your current skills
  • A team of experts from whom you can learn a lot (and also can have a great conversation with it 😉)

Who are we?

We pride ourselves on our fun working atmosphere, great team, and exponential growth. If you are looking for a job where you earn a good living, receive nice fringe benefits, learn a lot, you have come to the right place at Amotek!

What are your responsibilities?

  • You are responsible for optimising our development projects, maintaining and expanding our tools and platforms
  • You provide technical support for our customers and internal projects
  • You are aware of some cross-browser compatibility issues and have all kinds of tricks in your arsenal to get around them

Your skills?

  • Fluent in Dutch and English
  • Hands-on experience developing proof-of-concepts and pilots in at least one of the blockchain platforms: Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multi-chain.
  • Experience in Open source tools and an understanding of crypto currencies.
  • Understanding of various distributed consensus methodologies (Mining, PoS, etc) and knowledge of layer 2 solutions (e.g. ZKP rollups)
  • Strong knowledge of cryptography, including asymmetric (pub/priv key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures.
  • Knowledge of versioning systems Git etc.

Are you the perfect fit for this job? Don’t hesitate! 

Send your CV and which skill you want to improve to