March 2, 2022

Many sides have been written about corporate cultures, and we like to contribute our side. When we have to describe the group and the atmosphere at AMOTEK, we can actually conclude that we are a bunch of IT freaks together - but very driven freaks. Of course, we all have our own character, but we still have some things in common. We list them here for you:

Have fun

If technology doesn't mean anything to you, it's probably because you haven't met the right kind yet. Technology equals fun, or at least in our eyes. What's more, technology keeps it fun for so many other people. If you have to compare our interests to anything, think of an insanely cool playground, but with digital toys for adults. Super fun! Have we used too much fun in this text? Then that's because it is.

Have impact

Our society is changing every day and technology is at the root of it. If you think about what the world looked like when we were born and compare that to our current ... Take our old Nokias for example. Today's teenagers would have a good laugh if they could have seen us busy, all addicted to a game like Snake. But of course this is because they have had a smartphone since they were 10 and have been playing online FIFA for maybe longer. And this alone - those phones that are so much more than phones - is a small but significant example of how technology has changed our lives.

Technology has such an important impact on our lives and on every person. We want to do the same. It is our job that that impact is right and we work for that every day, because that is what makes it worthwhile.

Being smart

You are not an Amotekkie if you keep your knowledge to yourself. With us, everyone plays their part in the overall knowledge of the company. We share our know-how with each other and come out stronger together. Then you get conversations at the coffee machine that sound like this: "I just read a super book on thought leadership, you should really read that too." Or: "I was in an inspiration session yesterday where I met a scary guy, you should really give him a call." This way, everyone gets a chance to learn, grow and improve themselves. And everyone wins as a result: us, our partners and, of course, our customers.

We also find it blissful to hear creative and innovative ideas. That can really make our day. When we hear the people behind a start-up pitching their dream and we feel the Amotek vibe, no one can stop us. Collaborating with start-ups is not only fun (see 1.) but co-working also makes us smarter again. Win-win!

Because it can be done

Yes yes, the title talks about three characteristics, but at Amotek we always look to see if it can't be a bit more. We simply deliver the best services. When we have fun in our playground, you see happy Amotekkies. When we can make an impact, our customers see the difference in their digital projects. And when we learn something new, our partners notice that they have a group of IT specialists under their belts who only want the best of the best. Thus, our three attributes combine into an unparalleled fourth: if we follow the first three, the fourth follows naturally: a top-notch service, just because it can.

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