The Ultimate Data Integration Tool for Smarter, AI-Driven Business Decisions

By seamlessly integrating multiple data sources, AMOTEK STACK utilizes advanced AI algorithms to empower companies with deep insights and informed decision-making capabilities. This innovative platform is the cornerstone for businesses looking to leverage data-driven strategies for competitive advantage.


Keep track of all KPI's relevant to your company and get rid of additional clutter. Integrates with your favorite tools!

AI Assistant

Use one of our LLM's as a sparring partner and discover new insights about your business.

Custom Microservices

Need a new way to collect data and information even more efficient? Our developers create custom microservices that integrate with STACK from the start.

We help companies achieve
more, with love.

As an organisation, you want to move forward. You want to optimise your processes and offers to stay ahead of the game.

Allow us to support you in that process.

AMOTEK Services


Our team of experienced consultants conducts in-depth assessments of your organization’s current innovation capabilities, identifies opportunities for improvement, and creates a roadmap for successful innovation implementation.

Financial Advisory

Our experts conduct comprehensive market research and trend analysis to provide you with valuable insights and foresight. We provide advisory services around investments, acquisitions and mergers.

Software Engineering

We develop, test and implement enterprise-grade software blockchain solutions. From conception to Go Live, our software engineers and product designers provide high-quality and reliability software solutions.


We are a dynamic startup fund dedicated to fueling the next wave of groundbreaking ideas like blockchain. With a passion for supporting visionary entrepreneurs, we provide not just capital, but strategic guidance and a collaborative ecosystem to help startups thrive.



A step forward in the fight against retail theft

iRetailCheck, a Belgian company dedicated to retail theft deterrence, has partnered with Amotek Group. The partnership focuses on applying iRetailCheck's technology for self checkouts.

AMOTEK Name Registration

Secure your identity on the Blockchain

Just as early adopters of the Internet reaped the most benefits, the pioneers of the blockchain revolution will be one step ahead. By acting now, you secure a leadership position in the new digital economy and ensure that your name is not taken by another organization!


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The AMOTEK Group

We believe in building a long-term collaborative ecosystem rather than traditional client-supplier relationships. In a business ecosystem, organizations collaborate, compete, and interact with one another to meet the needs and demands of the market together. The ecosystem’s structure and dynamics are shaped by the relationships and interdependencies among its members.

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