An NFT art community that invests in physical art

The first physical art community with proof of membership on the blockchain

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  • Physical art.

    Our project invests in art from craftsmen in sculpture, painting and other physical art forms.

  • Contractual agreements with artists.

    We create a long-term (contractual) relationship with artists whereby a percentage of these artists' future works end up in our project.

  • Access to events

    Network with other investors and build a personal relationship with the curated artists. We create a Soho house model for art lovers with exclusive events for our investors and artists.  The NFT investment gives you access to these tokengated experiences

  • A right of pre-emption

    Receive a pre-emptive buying right on future works by the artists. This concerns the works that do not end up in the project.

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Amotek Castle ART PROJECT
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Only for the pre-sale: Rozenhof Castle entrance
The right to use the Rozenhof castle for personal and business meetings.

the right to use the Rozenh of castle for personal and business meetings in the world of art and luxury,where every aspect of the membership is crafted to
enrich your life and passion.

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