February 25, 2024

During the Covid pandemic, they were one of the top suppliers of PCR testing. But when the number of tests requested dropped significantly, they were forced to radically change their business model. From their available assets: a microbiology laboratory, a team of doctors and medical equipment, they looked for a new value proposition. They found it in Easly: an accessible way to monitor your health with self-tests. In their business model shift, AMOTEK supported Easly in their strategic challenges, raising funding and connecting with thought leaders in the Healthcare sector.


Matthijs De Bruyn (Business unit manager, AMOTEK): 'At AMOTEK, we started from the central question: where do we want to go in the long term with Easly? We looked together with them how we could best structure the group and what the ideal profiles are for their management team.'

Bert Swannet (co-founder Easly): "You notice the enormous amount of expertise at AMOTEK. They asked us the right questions to make our organization futureproof. There is an extra challenge in our story, because Easly targets both individuals and companies. For companies, employees are their most important capital, and we want to usher in a new era where employers invest in the preventive health care of their employees. With our packages for companies, employees can monitor their own health and receive advice from our medical staff. This way, you respond faster to potential risks and increase the well-being of your team. We find with our clients that our proactive health management leads to higher productivity and less absenteeism.

Matthijs: 'B2B, strong positioning is crucial. In Easly's B2B sales process, you have to consider relatively long sales cycles. We supported Easly with intros to companies that strengthened their positioning and looked for the best Healthcare networks to connect them with interesting stakeholders.'

Bert: 'Through AMOTEK, we come into contact with exciting prospects that we leverage to attract new customers.In addition to commercial support, they also helped us with financing.They have enormous know-how about financing scale-ups: from subsidies to investors. The links they make and lessons learned they share give us a lot of shortcuts in building our business. We are going to accelerate growth even more, because we want to become a global player in preventive healthcare with Easly. In AMOTEK, we have found the perfect partner to take us to the next level.


On January 9, the Easly team conducted a health screening at our offices with professionalism and efficiency, collecting both blood and urine samples from our own team - the Amotekkies. The process was well organized and all participants felt comfortable thanks to the expert guidance of the Easly team.

In addition to the physical tests, everyone completed 50 questions via Easly's user-friendly app and further completed their profile. This digital aspect of the service not only made the process more efficient, but also provided a personal touch, making everyone feel truly part of their health journey.

Easly's promise to provide a complete blood count and monitor specific health indicators such as iron status, liver function and thyroid status is very valuable to us. It allows us not only to take care of our well-being, but also to act proactively based on medical data.

We are grateful for Easly's thorough and caring service and look forward to further collaborations.

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