March 2, 2022

When you start a business, you need cash flow. Money is everywhere, finding it is something else. Of course, you can always try to win the lotto, but it seems that it is not always that easy. So you need to look for a reliable package.


Perhaps you are thinking of the many millionaires in the world who might be interested in your product or service. They will surely have a lot of pennies to throw on the table. They might be happy with a percent or a seat on your board of directors. That doesn't even sound that bad, but they won't be personally involved - and so you won't benefit further.

Have you thought about smart money? That is so much more than notes. It means you get everything you need for your business, plus the network and know-how your investor has to offer. So smart money really is smart: you can use it smartly and it makes you a smartie too.


Imagine there is an investor who wants to support start-ups and is willing to give smart money. And further imagine that you are the owner of a start-up company, all ready to go for it. You meet, you make a crazy pitch, the investor is absolutely wild about your idea and agrees to invest with smart money. Now he (we use he here because we have a male majority at Amotek) will become a partner of sorts with you. He will be involved in your business and make sure you meet the right people in your industry: organise meetings with other professionals, introduce you to certain circles ... This is how he will make you grow.

At Amotek, we are always interested in the stories of start-ups. We can really help your idea grow and become a reality. With us, you get smart money: not just the budget for your dreams, but also our knowledge and network. We put your business on the right digital tracks and guide you personally. You can count on us.

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